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We know a thing or two about banners and just how versatile they can be! We have been producing them since 1998 and can supply budget banners , non-rip banners , high wind mesh banners, double sided banners , scaffolding banners, rope banners, the list goes on!

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banner stands

Banner Stands

Easy to assemble cost effective banner stands that make a big impact on your target audience. We have banner stands to cover every budget and location. Whether this be roller banners, tension stands or fabric exhibition stands.

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frame & bracket

Frames and Brackets

We can supply and fit Lamp post banner brackets, horizontal banner frames, wall mounted banner brackets and poster clip frames.

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High resolution custom printed Indoor or outdoor posters available in any size or shape.

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Feather Flags or Banner Flags are a great way to get your brand or event noticed. You will see some form of feather flag at most open events these days. Their popularity has risen more and more as businesses jump at the chance to advertise themselves.

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Low cost banners, any size, full colour, fast turnaround and quantity discounts.

Banner stand printing, roll up banners, pop up exhibition displays and wide format pull up banners, with 24hr turnaround. High quality stands and printing.

Why banner advertising works...

Here at Universal banners we have put together a list of 12 main reasons why we think banners should be a strong contender when it comes to marketing your business:
  1. Constant Medium - Outdoor PVC banners work 365 days a year, talking to all pedestrians and motorists.
  2. Precise Targeting - A PVC banner can talk to a particular medium.
  3. Mass Medium - Unlike press, TV and radio, PVC banners talk to all age groups and classes everyone will see them.
  4. High Impact - PVC Banners are a high impact medium. Their size makes them big enough for all to see and cannot be ignored.
  5. Point of sale - When shops and businesses are open, the streets are busy so your PVC banner is both seen and hard at work.
  6. Subliminal - Even if the viewer doesn't need your product now, by seeing it over and over it remains subliminal and when they do need your product your name is on their mind.
  1. Colour - Pleasant to look at, entertaining choice of any colour , it stands out and therefore it’s easy to see and remember.
  2. Repetition - The more times you see something the better you remember it!
  3. Unavoidable - The PVC vinyl banner is staring you in the face the whole time, so you can't avoid it.
  4. Immediate response - The banner has the power to create an immediate, emotional and impulse buying mode.
  5. Artificial shop front - another shop front advertising your products for a fraction of the cost!
  6. Tuned into your budget - There are PVC banners of various sizes and designs to fit your budget.
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