♻️ Custom Printed PVC-FREE, Eco Banner ♻️

Eco Banner
Choose from our three popular stock sizes - 6ft x 3ft , 8ft x 3ft , 12ft x 4ft or enter a custom size & get a price in seconds!

♻️ Custom Printed PVC-FREE, Eco Banner ♻️

  • Eco-friendly, Recyclable, 100% PVC FREE advertising banners
  • Clear PVC free eyelets – Ecological alternate to metal eyelets
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Printed using Eco-friendly odourless Latex ink
  • Custom printed with unlimited photos/logos/text for any event
  • Great value, high impact Eco-banner printing!
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Eco Banner

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♻️ Custom Printed PVC-FREE, Eco Banner ♻️

Product details

Our custom printed 300gsm PVC-FREE banner material is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. PVC-free banners are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC banners. Our eco- banners are made from a polyester woven fabric with a waterproof coat.

More environmentally friendly without compromise! Our PVC free banners are still strengthened using heat-welded hems and benefit from clear, PVC-free plastic eyelets.

  • Eco-friendly, 100% PVC-free banner material that can be recycled
  • Clear Plastic, PVC free eyelets - Ecological alternative to traditional metal eyelets
  • B1 fire-rated 
  • Custom printed with unlimited photos/logos/text
  • Printed using Eco-friendly odourless Latex ink.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Order any size online using our simple online calculator!

When your promotion or event is over, and it is time to dispose of your banner there are a few different options available:

Dispose of your banner at your local waste centre or with your waste contactor/supplier. In most cases the banner will be incinerated. When a traditional PVC banner is incinerated, toxins that can be harmful to humans and the environment are released. As this range is free from PVC these toxins are not released. It is also worth noting that the incineration process generates energy that can be used elsewhere. Waste-to-energy (WTE) or energy-from-waste (EFW) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste. WTE is a form of energy recovery.

Local recycling centre: The banner can be recycled at your local recycling centre under PP.

  • Artwork & Design Service

    Ok let’s explain how we work, when it comes to artwork…..

    We have tried to keep it simple and as low cost as possible using 3 simple methods.

    1 MY OWN Artwork.  2 FREE Basic Artwork.   3 PREMIUM Artwork

    MY OWN Artwork

    Great, ok here’s how you can help us make you print look great!

    Save artwork as a PDF at 100DPI and try to keep important images or text away from the edge.

    Click on the artwork info and upload tab at the bottom of the page to link straight to our large file upload area. This area also gives information on file types, how to save your file, DPI and more!


    Your artwork is always checked prior to printing ( We will call you immediately if we feel the quality of your artwork wont display well on your banner)

    To send us your artwork simply use our online artwork uploader or if your file is less than 15MB send it via email to sales@universalbanners.co.uk.

    For files over 15MB please use our MailbigFile account -https://www.mailbigfile.com/universaldisplays

    Please refer to the artwork page in the menu for more details.

    Need Extra help? Simply choose from our Design services below:

    FREE BASIC Artwork

    If you have the elements but don’t know how to put them together we can take care of that FREE of charge.

    Send across what you have eg,  logos and images, along with a brief of how you want your banner to look including any specific fonts you would like our design team to use.We can then advise you of the best path to take. This service does not include redrawing low quality logos or sourcing images and includes one amendment.


    Need a little more help?  You provide a brief of how you want your banner to look and we will do the rest! We will assign one of our experienced designers to work on a one on one basis with you, making sure they understand what you are trying to achieve, and also to work within your budget.

    This service includes:

    Full commercial design service

    Redrawing basic logos ( more complex logos may incur an additional charge)

    Design a high quality print File

    Insert High quality images ( Supplied by you)

    3x Amendments

    Premium Design Service

    We can source & Insert High quality images

    We will only use licensed images that are sourced from professional photo libraries. This sometimes can mean incurring additional costs but will mean you own your image for future use.

  • Delivery

    Approve your proof by 11am and receive your Eco-banner the next working day.

    All goods are sent via a 3rd party courier on a standard 24 hour delivery and will require a signature. Should you require an earlier delivery I.E a pre 10am or weekend delivery please contact our team who will be able to help.

    If you require your banners the same day collection is available from:

    Unit, 2 Shrub Hill Industrial Estate, Worcester WR4 9EL, Worcester WR4 9EL

     If you are unable to collect from our office we are sometimes able to arrange a same day courier service.

    PVC printed banners work  all day everyday. Their  low cost makes them suitable for all budgets.

    To get the most out of your PVC banner its vital that it's fitted correctly with the correct fixings. But before you even get to fitting your banner its important to know what space your working with.

    At Universal Banners we don't just sell stock sized banners, for no extra cost you can provide us with your custom sized measurements, to make sure your banner always looks it’s best. Our fast and easy online calculator will quickly give you a price for your desired size.

    To make hanging your banner easier all of our banners come with nickel eyelets as standard, but rope is also available which can be hemmed straight into your banner ideal for spans etc.

     In our experience we have found that eyelets are the most popular.

    Banner eyelets are normally fitted every two feet to keep the PVC banner material flat and secure against the elements. Should you wish to have a different finish please let our team know. 

    We are also able to provide fittings for your banner. The most common fitting we recommend which will keep your banner flat and is most adaptable to different environments and locations is the bungee cord ball and loop, also known as shock cord. 

    This cost effective fitting is easy to use simply wrapping around the structure and the eyelet on your banner and locking itself over the ball.

     Bungee loops are  a non invasive option that will leave no marks after your event is finished. This method is great for hanging banners around poles , railings , fences, posts and balconies . We supply bungee cord loops in a variety of lengths to meet your requirements. 

    When its comes to fitting banners to brick walls or wooden fences we suggest simply using steel penny washers with wall plugs and screws for brick walls or self-taping screws on fences. 

    To keep tension in your banner you can still use bungee cords with this option by just fitting hooks.

    Please remember to always get the wall/ fence owners permission before carrying out any work and be sure to check that you will not be drilling through any electrical wiring or plumbing work.

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