Supplying Artwork & Set Up Guide

Supplying Artwork & Set Up Guide 

We have created a short guide below to assist you in setting up your artwork to make it suitable for large format printing. Of course, should you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

File Types

We process our orders using Apple Mac computers and can accept the following file types:

    PDF – Covert all text to outlines. Expand files and strokes. (Preferred File Type)

    PSD – Set to 100dpi at full sign size in inches. Flatten the file to a single background layer & Save to 100% quality.

    AI - Covert all text to outlines. Expand files and strokes.

    EPS - Covert all text to outlines. Expand files and strokes.

Sending Artwork

We have 2 ways of sending your artwork to us, by email, or Mail Big File subject to content size. 

if your file is less than 15MB send it via email to

For files over 15MB please use our MailbigFile account -  

If you are having trouble sending us artwork please get touch either by calling our office on 01905 745 475 or emailing

Aspect Ratio

Make sure your artwork is set up in an equal proportion to the banner size you are ordering. For example, if your banner is 2ft x 4ft then the length of the artwork design should be twice the height. 

We recommend using a smaller scale which will greatly reduce the file size. Adobe software (which we recommend using) has a built-in limit of 5080mm for both height & width.

For example, an 8m x 1m banner design could be supplied at:

100% scale or ‘’Full Scale’’ would be 8000mm x 1000mm 

50% scale or ‘’Half Scale’’ would be 4000mm x 500mm 

25% scale or ‘’Quarter Scale’’ would be 2000mm x 250mm

Recommended file DPI

The most effective resolution for banners is 100DPI at full size. Remember if you are working at a scaled size you need to allow for enlargement IE 50% needs to be 200 dpi. 


Keep all important or images at least 5cm away from the edge. This ensures that any hems, eyelets or trimming does not affect your design. 


Please create all artwork in CMYK colour mode. It’s worth noting that CMYK colours will differ slightly depending on printer type.