Banner Finishing Options

Banner Finishing Options

Banner finishing options explained!

PVC banners are very versatile in the fact that they can be finished in a variety of ways to suit uses and locations. Below we have broken down our main finishing options and reason why you might choose these. 

Hems And Eyelets - This is our standard finishing option and the one you will most likely see when spotting PVC banners whilst your out and about. First let’s talk about the hem, this is to add strength and increase the life span of your banner. In our 20 plus years of making banners, we have found that the heat welded hem gives the highest standard of finish. Some companies use tape which obviously has its limitations over time, and other choose to sew hems which in turn puts many tiny holes in the fabric, ultimately making it more likely to fail when exposed to the elements.

Eyelets are small metal rings that are inserted into a hole made in the banner fabric. Eyelets reinforce the hole and make fitting your printed banner easier. We have chosen to use nickel eyelets which are strong and highly resistant to corrosion. 

Hems and eyelets are an ideal option if your planing on hanging your banner on a gate, frame , fence or if you plan on using washers to screw it to a wall or any other flat surface . It’s a very versatile finishing option hence why it’s so popular. 

Trimmed To Size - Exactly what it says on the tin , simply trimmed to whichever size you desire. This options is ideal if you wish to display your banner in a poster frame, drape over a object like a table, hammer the edges into a gripper frame or staple gun it to a flat surface such as a wooden advertising trailer. 

Trimmed With eyelets - Similar to the trimmed to size option but with eyelets. Ideal for when you don’t need the extra strength provided by hems, such as indoor installations or short term displays. 

Hemmed With Rope - This option is where we create a larger sized hem that has open ends allowing us to slide a length of rope through. This option is mainly used for clients who wish to span a banner between two fixings such as over a high street or race fishing line. They can be roped just at the top or top and bottom depending on it’s desired use.

Pockets - Once again a larger hem that has two open ends allowing a pole to be slid through. Pole pockets are popular with scaffolding and construction companies ( click here to view our Scaffolding Banners). Banners with pole pockets are also ideal for lamp post banners.

Hems Only - This option is very similar to trimmed to size but with the added strength of hems that make the banner more resilient to external factors such as adverse weather.