Banner printing – How does the process work?

Banner printing – How does the process work?

Banner printing – How does the process work?

Here at Universal Banners, we have over 23 years’ experience in the banner printing industry and know a thing or two about producing high quality, high impact banners that deliver results for our customers. As the business has developed over the years, we have continuously invested in the best design software, printing equipment, finishing equipment and of course team members to expand on our capacity.

So how does the process work when I order a banner?

Once you have decided on the material you would like your banner printed on, how you would like it finished and the size of your banner; we will start getting the artwork ready for print. When it comes to artwork our team can deal with all levels. Some customers will have no artwork and our commercial design will need to create a complete design for them from scratch. Others may have elements such as a logos, images, slogans and just need us to put it together for them and some, mainly our design agency or trade customers will have print ready artwork.

Once the artwork is completely ready and signed off by our customer it then heads downstairs to one of our printers. The printer used to produce the banner(s) generally depends on the size and quantity ordered with smaller banners generally being printed on our 8 colour Epsom printer, medium/large banners on our Canon UV flatbed printer and Extra-large banners on a Durst 512R Plus capable of printing PVC banners up to 5 metres wide! When it comes to banner printing equipment we have not compromised, investing in the best quality and fastest wide format printing machines the market has to offer.

Once the banner is printed it is time for it to be cut to size. This can be done by the steady hand of our experienced production staff but is generally completed by our digital cutting table, that cuts any banner media out quickly and very accurately.

After the banner is printed and cut out, it is ready to be hemmed. Our banners are hemmed using our industrial heat welder that is capable of hemming hundred of metres of banner material in no time!

Finally, for most of our banners it is time for them to be eyeleted, many companies achieve this by using a small hand press, which slows down the production process. We have automated this process also with our high-speed industrial eyeleting machine that gives any banner the perfect finish!

And that is it! The banner is ready for same day collection or next day delivery! Need a PVC banner? CLICK HERE to order great value PVC banner, any size!