Custom Printed or Pre-designed PVC Banners? Which one should I choose?

Custom Printed or Pre-designed PVC Banners? Which one should I choose?

On your hunt for a high value PVC banner on our website you will have initially been given two options: 1) Custom Printed Banners and 2) Pre-Designed PVC Banners. So, what is the difference?

Our custom printed banner range is exactly that, it is designed for customers who would like to order a banner in a completely custom size with a custom design printed on it. This design could possibly be artwork that you or your designer has created especially for your campaign, you know exactly the size you need and finish you require. Alternatively, you may have an idea of how you would like your banner to look and have some elements you can supply to our design team such as a logo, images, or icons you wish to use but just need our team to put it together (we offer this as a completely FREE service!) Lastly you have a specific promotion, but do not have anything for it, you need our team to design a banner from nothing. Of course, as a full banner printing service provider our team will be more than happy to design an eye-catching banner for you.

Our Pre-designed PVC banners are a range of high impact vinyl banners that our team have already put together for common events such as sales, school open days, Flu jab advertisement for doctors’ surgeries, Beer garden banners, birthday, celebration banners and more. Pre-designed banners are great when you need your banner fast and do not have time to go through a design process. They are amazingly easy to purchase and only require you to supply the key details for your banner such as dates, names, promotions and any logos or images you wish to include. We have even suggested some common sizes of each banner. That said they can still be altered to any custom size you may require.

Should you have any question about choosing the right banner for you then please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team!

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