Events on the horizon!

Events on the horizon!

We have reached that time of year where we see several events taking place in a short window of around 3 to 4 months. It generally starts with Halloween then moves onto Bonfire night, Christmas markets start appearing soon after alongside the general Christmas time antics such as shopping events, parties and so on. Generally, this can be quite an enjoyable period for most but can be stressful for those who oversee organising these events. When it comes to promoting your event, making the navigating around it easy for your attendees or having eye-catching props that give your event that wow factor. We are here to help take that stress away!

Let’s start with promoting your event… People need to know about it, to attend and getting your event Infront of as many people as possible will increase your chances of it being a success.

 In our 23 years of producing PVC banners, we have found them to be extremely effective at doing just this! PVC banners are easy to spot and hard to ignore. Unlike TV, radio, or smart phone ads they can’t be switched off and are working to promote your event 24/7. When it comes to designing banners to promote events, we suggest keeping the design smart but simple, avoid huge amounts of text or many tiny images and get to the point. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have covered who- if you have a particular known attraction or act, what – What is it? A Christmas market, firework display, fun fayre? when – Make this very clear so no one misses it or gets the wrong day! And lastly why? – Why should I come to your event, this is your time to sell it to your audience, as previously mentioned less is more. In most cases a gripping sentence or two is far more effective than a paragraph listing every attraction, performer or vendor who is attending.

The above advice is not just true for banner but for all event signage such as correx boards, bollard covers, flags and flyers.

Getting around your event…. Once your guests have arrived at your event, now is your time to make sure they can easily find/access all the attractions. This can be achieved with effective event signage that points your guests in the right direction! We have found that correx, fluted board is perfect for this. It has lightweight construction, can easily be cut to any shape and is generally more of a budget material that is great for short term to medium term, outdoor use. As mentioned above we can produce correx signs in any custom shape such as arrows, circles, triangles, or just simple squares. Correx can also be machined to create bollard covers to advertise your event or just help your guests navigate around it.

The event itself…. The above-mentioned materials and methods are not just reserved for promoting your event and helping people get around it. We can offer thousands of ways in which you can decorate or set the scene for your event without spending the world! Our PVC banners are highly effective for backdrops , photo walls , heras fence covers and crowd barrier covers. Correx boards can be machined to create any props from cut out pumpkins to cany canes!

We hope that you found this short guide useful on how to successfully market your event using effective event signage!

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