How does Signage Help My Business?

How does Signage Help My Business?

Over the last few years, we have spoken to more and more customers who are now turning to Facebook marketing, google ads etc. to try and drive more customers through their doors. As we all know these are highly effective ways to get your brand noticed quickly. But are you missing something that is right in front of your eyes, every time you enter your business? Something that will work hand in hand with the above?

I am talking about the things you use as your marker to say, “We are here, open and this is what we do”. The very things your customer will use to find your physical location to use your services. Of course, I am talking about your signage!

Investing in effective signage for your premises can be one of the most import investments you make when it comes to your advertising. Imagine having a huge online advertising campaign for your business that is driving people to your store, but no one can find you! Even worse you have planted the seed that and they want your products, so while they are looking for your business end up in the hands of your easier to find competitor!

Signage does not just mean that big, printed board above your premises. Remember all the areas that you have access to! Do you have fences where you could use high impact PVC banners, or have a high foot fall high street where a pavement sign could drive more customers into your store? Even large windows where you can use printed posters to show case your products to everyone passing 24/7. These are just scratching the surface in terms of solutions we can offer when it comes to getting your business noticed.

“We have been in this position for years surely everyone knows we are here. “Sound familiar? Sometimes it is easy to forget that even your immediate local audience can be constantly changing. Each year, approximately 4-5% of the population will move to a different city or county in the UK. This is another important reason why effective business signage is a key part of any premises and that it should not be overlooked, even if you are the most established business in the area.

We have a team on hand to help with every step of the way. From helping choose the right material for your banner to creating an eye-catching design that turns heads and gets customers through the door.  

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