How to effectively use banners to promote your Nursery, School, college, or University!

How to effectively use banners to promote your Nursery, School, college, or University!

Does your educational establishment hold regular events or have something interesting you want to shout about? If so, then we are sure that you want to give these events maximum exposure to make them a real hit and benefit your local community. We regularly speak to educational establishments that are trying to look for new ways to get the public and potential future students/ customers to know about all the great things that are going on at their education centre.

Many have tried using the school newsletter, social media page and website to showcase events and positive school updates but this only tends to be seen by current students/parents and doesn’t bring new members from the community into your place of learning. It’s easy to forget that in most case Nurseries, schools, colleges & universities have a common but brilliant advertising tool in common…. Their position!

All the above-mentioned educational centres or community hubs are generally nestled in a place where your target audience is passing daily. Whether they are just passing to visit the supermarket or going to see friends and family these people are available to have their attention grabbed and it’s up to you to give them something to be excited about.

Custom printed PVC banners are a great way for displaying your message to these people. They are easy to see and hard to ignore! Without realising it, your educational establishment most likely already has some perfect positions to secure a banner easily and safely. Advertising banners are a very low cost and efficient way of promoting any event. A well design banner, made to the right in size in the right location is guaranteed to grab the attention of passers-by. By using our premium quality banners, we have helped pre-schools, schools, and colleges all over the UK make their events a success or helped them shout about just how well they are doing!

Some common events we have produced banners for include - Ofsted pre-school, school or college banners, open day promotional banners, sports day banners, school fundraising events, summer fetes & Christmas markets, welcome back or sorry you are leaving banners and many more! Our premium banners are designed to last in the harshest environments – They are printed on tough PVC banner material, using fade resistant, waterproof, and weatherproof inks. This means that your banner can be re-used for events for years to come.

Over the years we have built up great relationships with nurseries, pre-schools, primary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities all over the country. Providing them with budget friendly education banners that are designed to be high quality and high impact. We have several pre-templated banner designs available where all we need to add is your establishments logo and details. These are great for last minute PVC banners that are required at short notice. That said if you have a particular design in mind or would like our creative design team to come up with a custom banner design for you then this is also available.

 Some educational establishments have used the designing of a banner as a way of bringing out the student’s creative side, by giving them the opportunity to put their ideas across on how they think the school should be showcased. This also gives them an insight into the world of large format printing which can be highly educational as well as fun!

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