♻️ PVC-FREE Eco Friendly Banners ♻️

♻️ PVC-FREE Eco Friendly Banners ♻️

Introducing new for 2022, our 100% PVC-free, recyclable Eco-banner. We spent much of the end of 2021 researching, testing, and producing an advertising banner product that would be more Eco-friendly that the current options available, without compromising their advertising impact.

Our first task was the material itself. Our custom printed 300gsm PVC-FREE banner material is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. PVC-free banners are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC banners. Our eco- banners are made from a polyester woven fabric with a waterproof coat.

To further enhance our eco-banners green credentials, we have also replaced our traditional metal eyelets with Clear Plastic, PVC free eyelets.

When your promotion or event is over, and it is time to dispose of your banner there are a few different options available:

Dispose of your banner at your local waste centre or with your waste contractor/supplier. In most cases the banner will be incinerated. When a traditional PVC banner is incinerated, toxins that can be harmful to humans and the environment are released. As this range is free from PVC these toxins are not released. It is also worth noting that the incineration process generates energy that can be used elsewhere. Waste-to-energy (WTE) or energy-from-waste (EFW) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste. WTE is a form of energy recovery.

Local recycling centre: The banner can be recycled at your local recycling centre under PP.

Alternatively, you can return the banner to us, and we will recycle the banner through the correct channel for you.

In the coming months we will be adding several Eco-friendly advertising options to our range that will be available for purchase online and in-person.

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