Which Fonts work best on outdoor banners?

Which Fonts work best on outdoor banners?

When it comes to outdoor banners, font selection plays a crucial role in capturing attention and delivering your message effectively. Here are a few more font options that work well in outdoor settings:

1. Impact: This font truly lives up to its name! Impact is bold and attention-grabbing, making it ideal for large outdoor banners. It has thick strokes that can be easily seen from a distance, ensuring your message stands out.

2. Gill Sans: If you're looking for a font that combines elegance and readability, Gill Sans is a fantastic choice. It has a clean, rounded design that remains legible even from a distance. This font works well for conveying a sophisticated and professional image.

3. Trade Gothic: With its strong, geometric shapes, Trade Gothic is a versatile font that suits various outdoor banner designs. It has a modern and sleek look, making it visually appealing. The balanced letterforms ensure readability, even when viewed from afar.

4. Franklin Gothic: If you want a classic and timeless font for your outdoor banner, Franklin Gothic is a reliable option. It has a bold and straightforward design that makes your message easy to read. This font works well in both large and small sizes.

Remember that font size matters for outdoor banners, especially if they are intended to be viewed from a distance. Opt for larger sizes to ensure maximum visibility and legibility.

Additionally, think about contrasting your font with the background colour of your banner. This will make your message pop and be more visually striking.

Ultimately, the best font for your outdoor banner depends on factors like your brand identity, message, and the overall design you want to achieve. Don't be afraid to experiment and test different combinations to find what works best for you!

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