Why correx signage is so effective when it comes to advertising events!

Why correx signage is so effective when it comes to advertising events!

Spring is just around the corner with the days getting longer, temperatures increasing and the weather improving (hopefully!). This means an increase in outdoor events being organised which means in turn for us, increased production of event signage and displays. We have a huge range of signage options on offer but in this post, we are just going to talk about one – Correx event signage.

First things first what is it? Correx is a lightweight, corrugated polypropylene board. Correx is also known as flute board, corrugated polypropylene or Coroplast and is available in a variety of thicknesses (generally 3mm -10mm thick). It’s relatively tough, hard wearing, and waterproof construction has made it a favourable choice for the signage industry to offer to its customers.

Why should I be considering it for my event signage? Its lightweight structure versatility and competitive price, makes it the ideal choice for short to medium term event signage. Correx signage also boasts green credentials in the fact that the substrate is fully recyclable, when it comes to the end of its life.

Here at Universal Banners, we can print directly to correx using our state of the art, flat-bed printer. We have found that this gives our customer the highest quality finish with Inks that are UV resistant and completely waterproof. Over the years we have produced cost effective correx event signage for a wide range of events such as festivals, cycling or running races, exhibition stands, educational open days and more.

Also using our digital cutting machinery, we can produce props and POS displays to any custom size or shape.

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